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Shawn Wainwright’s parents had lots of money and a well-kept secret. But Shawn didn’t want to live off his parents’ money because his parents were controlling parents. To prove he can make it without their help, Shawn sets out on his own.

Like many young adults, after being away for several years, he longed to enjoy the comforts his parents offered. But once he arrived at his parents’ home, he finds they are out of town on work. Thinking he has the house to himself with no worries, he relaxes next to his parents’ large in-ground swimming pool in their backyard.

What happened next changed his life. Strange-looking flying vehicles appeared out of nowhere above the treetops. These vehicles must be a military exercise! But no! The military would never assemble in such a formation, and the flashing lights were too bright. If these were not some new US military aircraft, they must be from a foreign country. A foreign government has somehow invaded the airspace of the greatest nation on the planet! But Shawn is wrong in his estimation. This military comes from another world!

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