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This story is an account of a planet in a distant universe similar to Earth. A world that had kept silent from Earth. But some inhabitants of that planet broke the silence and traveled to our world. The silence got broken for a reason. But what was that reason? Did a particular message from Earth cause the inhabitants of that distant planet to react? Did that planet perceive the message as a threat? The signals have already been sent out. Is this world prepared to receive a response? These are just a few questions needing answers.

As the people from Earth want answers, the aliens breaking the silence could ask more questions: “Are we a peaceful planet?” and “Why do we want to contact beings on a different planet?”

Many would say we have everything we need here on Earth—or do we?

What will happen when the inhabitants of two planets from different universes come into contact? Will both worlds have the same intentions of letting peace reign? Some would say no. But Earth is the most fantastic planet in all universes! Will those radio-wave messages sent into space cause the little planet called Earth to be invaded by aliens from a different galaxy? Who would dare answer our call into space and step foot on Earth to cause problems? Let us discover the answers to some of these questions.